Interactive Forum

Interactive Forum

Our Interactive Forum is a place to exchange real-time ideas and experiences about research and ethics in the field. Our Forum offers practical information and advice for graduate students, scholars, and practitioners who are about to embark upon fieldwork, or are already confronting a particular methodological or ethical issue in the field.

Submit Your Working Paper

We invite short-form working paper submissions from scholars and practitioners who can speak to a range of ethical and methodological challenges.

Those interested in submitting a paper should send a 250 word abstract outlining their proposed contribution and a one page CV that states their contact details and affiliation to Susan Thomson.

Current Working Papers from the Program on States and Security website.

Field Research and Ethics in Difficult Settings

The Field Research and Ethics in Difficult Settings website is a resource for academics and practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences about field research and ethics in highly politicized, authoritarian and other challenging fieldwork settings. Contributions from diverse methodological and theoretical backgrounds are welcome.


Have you been confronted with ethical dilemmas while writing your research proposal? Have you struggled with emotional struggles while  in the field? Or are you about to embark on the adventure of field research in the social sciences? This website offers valuable resources for scholars, students and practitioners conducting field research in conflict, post-conflict or other methodologically or ethically-challenging field environments.