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The dynamics of peace processes, particularly pertaining to violence, trust and mediation; the causes and consequences of electoral violence; and gender dimensions of transitional justice.

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Recent Publications

Höglund, Kristine, and Magnus Öberg, eds. 2011. Understanding Peace Research: Methods and Challenges. London and New York: Routledge.

Björkdahl, Annika and Kristine Höglund, 2013. ”Precarious Peacebuilding: Friction in Global–Local Encounters.” Peacebuilding 1(3): 289-299.

Höglund, Kristine and Camilla Orjuela, 2013. “Friction and the Pursuit of Justice in Post-war Sri Lanka.” Peacebuilding 1(3): 300-316.

Opitz Christian, Hanne Fjelde, and Kristine Höglund, 2013. “Including Peace: The Influence of Electoral Management Bodies on Electoral Violence.” Journal of Eastern African Studies 7(4): 713-731.

Höglund, Kristine and Camilla Orjuela, 2012. “Hybrid Peace Governance and Illiberal Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka.” Global Governance 18(1).

Höglund, Kristine and Anna K. Jarstad, 2011. “Towards Electoral Security: Experiences from KwaZulu-Natal.” Africa Spectrum 46(1): 33-59.

Höglund, Kristine and Isak Svensson, 2011. “’Schizophrenic Soothers’: The International Community and Contrast Strategies for Peacemaking in Sri Lanka.” Cooperation and Conflict 46(2): 166-184.

Höglund, Kristine, 2011. “Obstacles to Monitoring: Perceptions of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) and the Dual Role of Norway.” International Peacekeeping 18(2): 210-225.

Höglund, Kristine, and Camilla Orjuela, 2011. “Winning the Peace: Conflict Prevention after a Victor’s Peace in Sri Lanka.” Contemporary Social Science 6(1): 19-37.

Höglund, Kristine, and Isak Svensson, 2011. “Should I Stay or Should I Go? Norwegian Mediation in Sri Lanka and the Termination Tactic.” Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 4(1): 12-32

Höglund, Kristine, and Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs, 2010. “Beyond the Absence of War: The Diversity of Peace in Post-Settlement Societies.” Review of International Studies 36(2): 367-90.

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