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Reseracher, Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies
Area of expertise

I am a criminologist and jurist specialised in the study of mass atrocities.   My areas of expertise include qualitative field research (I have interviewed perpetrators of violence in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Bosnia, Cambodia, India, and Bangladesh), international criminal law, international humanitarian law, criminology of international crimes, perpetrators, comparative genocide studies, and the causes of violent conflict.  I utilise an interdisciplinary approach incorporating law and the social sciences.  I have particular experience in the African Great Lakes region, South Asia, and Oceania.

Policy Area

Human rights law.  I am on the advisory boards of several NGOs in the field of mass atrocities prevention, including the Sentinel Project.


I am currently the coordinator of the MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where I teach several courses on comparative genocide studies.  I will be co-teaching “Peace and Justice” at Leiden University College this fall.

Recent Publications

Colonialism and ‘Cold Genocide’: The Case of West Papua, Genocide Studies and Prevention, Forthcoming in Issue 9.2 (June 2015).

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