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The dynamic of war and peace in the Great Lacs Region: Post-war reconstruction in DR Congo.

Macroeconomic policy, Exchange Rate Management and Hyperinflation: I am carrying out research concerning dollarization, the black market for foreign currencies and hyperinflation. The aim is to analyse the impact of parallel exchange rates and the political context upon price levels. This research is concentrated on the Congolese economy in the context of the civil war.

Fiscal Decentralisation and Capacity Building Strategies: Evaluating the impact of intergovernmental fiscal reform in developing countries. Analysing the role of the central government in fiscal decentralisation especially in the process of financing local governments.

Migration and Development: My current interests concern international migration, refugees and development. My research aims to advance knowledge in the areas of governance and poverty alleviation strategies with special reference to case of Africa. I am particularly interested in analyzing the positive impact of international migration on poverty alleviation, particularly how remittances facilitate local entrepreneurial activity.

Policy Area

Africa, DRC, African Great Lakes Region, Economy, Post-conflict reconstruction, Migration and development, Entrepreneurship.


Full time professor of Economics : Teaching the following topics :


* Monetary economics;

*Financial economics;

*Political economics;

*Quantitative methods.


Recent Publications
  • Macroeconomic management of the Democratic Republic of Congo during and after the political transition, MRAC-L’Harmattan, Tervuren/Paris, 2014. (In French).
  • Migrants and Investment in Africa, L’Harmattan, Paris, 2014. (In French).
  • « The determinants of China’s foreign direct investment in Central Africa: evidence from the Republic of Congo and DRC?» (with Dzaka-Kikouta, T.), African East-Asian Affairs 2 : 15-38, 2013.
  • .”The dynamic of war and peace in the Great Lacs Region: Post-war reconstruction in DR Congo”, Congo-Afrique, No 469, pp. 664-680, October 2012. (In French).
  • “Parallel Market for Foreign Currency and Hyperinflation: The case of Congo-Kinshasa”, International J. of Trade and Global Markets, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 115-131, 2010.
  • “Migrant remittances as a new source for development finance: The case of sub-Saharan Africa”, OSSREA Bulletin, Volume V, No 1, February 2008.

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